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International metrology in the field of Chemistry and Biology

In today's economy, goods and information are being exchanged globally, international travel is commonplace and so is the cross-border transport of livestock and agricultural products, and this trend is set to continue. Just as important are issues that impinge on our quality of life, such as health care, the environment and food quality, for which chemical and biological measurements play a vital role. A strong international measurement and standards infrastructure is critical to assure equity in trade and a high quality of life, by ensuring that products and services meet their specifications. In the field of chemical and biological measurements, certified reference materials (CRMs) and reference measurement methods provide stated references upon which analytical laboratories can anchor their measurement results. The traceability of measurement results to internationally accepted stated references, together with their stated measurement uncertainties, provide the basis for their comparability and global acceptance. Global activities to develop a system for the international equivalence of chemical and biological measurements are being led by the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM).

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