– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Participating laboratories

The CIPM MRA is open to the NMIs of the Member States, to certain international organizations invited by the CIPM, and to the NMIs of Associate States and Economies. This latter category results from the decision of the CGPM at its 21st meeting to create a category of Associate of the CGPM (see Resolution 3 (CGPM 1999)) with the specific purpose of providing a way of establishing links to the world's measurement system for those States not yet Members of the BIPM. The NMIs of Associates participate in the MRA through their local regional metrology organization as specified in the text of the CIPM MRA.

The CIPM MRA has been signed by the representatives of 106 institutes – from 61 Member States, 41 Associates of the CGPM, and 4 international organizations – and covers a further 157 institutes designated by the signatory bodies.

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The rules about participation in the CIPM MRA, and the procedures for a State to become a Member State of the BIPM or for a State or Economy to become an Associate of the General Conference, can be found in the Summary box to the right.

Member State/ Associate:
List of participants in the CIPM MRA
Submission of information on designated institutes
Procedure for a State to accede to the Metre Convention and become a Member State
Procedure for a State to become an Associate State of the CGPM