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CCU working documents (Open access)
  24th meeting (2019)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCU/19-00Draft Agenda of the 2019 CCU meetingCCU-WG-S2019/05/07PDF
95 kbytes
CCU/19-00_01Draft Agenda BIPM workshop on advanced time and frequency transferCCU-CCTF2019/05/07PDF
669 kbytes
CCU/19-02CCU President`s reportJ. Ullrich2019/10/25PDF
4353 kbytes
CCU/19-04_02CCM report to the CCUP. Richard, H. Fang2019/10/25PDF
1268 kbytes
CCU/19-04_03CCEM report to the CCUG. Rietveld, M. Stock2019/10/25PDF
782 kbytes
CCU/19-04_04CCT report to the CCUY. Duan2019/10/25PDF
368 kbytes
CCU/19-04_05CCQM report to the CCUS.-R. Park, R. Brown2019/10/25PDF
1244 kbytes
CCU/19-04_06CCTF report to the CCUN. Dimarcq, P. Tavella2019/10/25PDF
234 kbytes
CCU/19-04_07CCRI report to the CCUW. Louw, S. Judge2019/10/25PDF
643 kbytes
CCU/19-04_08CCPR report to the CCUM. L. Rastello, P. Blattner2019/10/25PDF
1191 kbytes
CCU/19-04_10CCL report to the CCUI. Castelazo, G. Panfilo2019/10/25PDF
758 kbytes
CCU/19-05_01ISO report to CCU (revised)L. Pendrill2019/09/30PDF
872 kbytes
CCU/19-05_02IUPAP report to CCU - Version 2E. Shirley2019/09/11PDF
346 kbytes
CCU/19-05_03cPresentation from the Academie des Sciences2019/10/07PDF
2058 kbytes
CCU/19-05_04ICRU report to CCUD. Burns2019/09/17PDF
135 kbytes
CCU/19-05_05IFCC report to CCUP. Gillery2019/09/18PDF
116 kbytes
CCU/19-05_06IEC report to CCU & annex on terminologyP. Sebellin2019/09/30PDF
194 kbytes
CCU/19-05_07OIML position on the relevant topics for 24th CCU meetingR. Lapuh2019/10/01PDF
347 kbytes
CCU/19-05_08CIE liaison report to the 24th session of CCU, rev 2P. Blattner2019/10/25PDF
109 kbytes
CCU/19-05_09IUPAC report to the CCUJ. Stohner2019/10/07PDF
103 kbytes
CCU/19-05_10Report of the IAU to the CCUN. Capitaine2019/10/09PDF
114 kbytes
CCU/19-09_06Metrology for the digitalization of the economy and societyPTB2019/08/26PDF
2743 kbytes
CCU/19-09_07SmartCom - Digital system of unitsPTB2019/08/26PDF
7262 kbytes
CCU/19-09_11Discussion of the SI in the digital worldR. Brown2019/10/25PDF
469 kbytes
CCU/19-09_12SI in the digital world: ISO/ TC215 + / TC12 task force on HealthL. Pendrill2019/10/25PDF
295 kbytes
CCU/19-09_13"Digitization"D. Flater2019/10/25PDF
660 kbytes
CCU/19-09_14Digital SIS. Eichstädt2019/10/25PDF
454 kbytes
CCU/19-10_03Extending the available ranges of SI prefixesRichard Brown2019/06/24PDF
95 kbytes
CCU/19-10_04Discussion on the possible extensionof the available range of SI prefixesR. Brown2019/10/25PDF
1185 kbytes
CCU/19-11_03Draft of the strategic planning document for the CCU for the period 2019 to 2026CCU-WG-S2019/10/25PDF
28 kbytes
CCU/19-12_03INRIM presentationE. Massa2019/10/25PDF
1545 kbytes
CCU/19-19_04NSC IM presentationP. Neyezhmakov2019/10/25PDF
1493 kbytes
CCU/19-second-01Introduction: CCU half-day devoted to the secondJ. Ullrich2019/10/25PDF
4662 kbytes
CCU/19-second-02_01IAU report to the CCUN. Capitaine2019/10/25PDF
1163 kbytes
CCU/19-second-02_02URSI report to the CCU Y. Koyama, G. Petit2019/10/25PDF
612 kbytes
CCU/19-second-02_03IUGG report to the CCUC. Boucher2019/10/25PDF
81 kbytes
CCU/19-second-02_04ITU report to the CCUR. Beard2019/10/25PDF
38 kbytes
CCU/19-second-03_01Statement from CCTF President to CCU on the role of relativity in time & frequency metrologyN. Dimarcq2019/10/04PDF
433 kbytes
CCU/19-second-03_02The SI secondN. Dimarcq, P. Tavella, G. Petit2019/10/25PDF
4227 kbytes
CCU/19-second-04Towards a redefinition of the second with optical clocksS. Bize2019/10/25PDF
3169 kbytes
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